ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals." Art cards are dated back to the 16th century when artists created miniature portraits which were used as wallet photos. The resurgence of art cards today have been increasing in popularity, meant for both the serious and novice collector. The original/actual size of an ACEO is 2.5x3.5". The originals have been signed/dated/titled on the backs of the cards.

The ACEOs found here are earlier pieces and had been sold years ago. Any new ACEOs will be listed in the Originals section of the website.

'Victorian Madam Jane'
'Flapper Girl Marian'
'Flapper Girl Rita'
'Faerie 11'
'Marie Antoinette with Grapes'
'Blue Girl 1'
'Blue Girl 2'
'Ruby Stars'
'Frog and Pixie'
'Halloween Bravery'
'Small Alice'
'Turtle Hatchling'
'Bloo Cat'
'Pink Rabbits'
'Poker Queen'
'Mistress Louisa'
'The Frog Boy'
'Three Cats on a Doorstep in New Orleans'
'Fruits of the Ocean'
'A Bit Spooked, Perhaps'
'Marie Antoimette 2'
'The Pumpkin Lady in the Woods'
'Waiting by the Dock in His Blue Suede Shoes'
'To Catch a Fallen Star'
'Flowers Become Stars'
'Victorian Mermaid 1'
'Victorian Mermaid 2'
'Faerie 8'
'In the Garden of Dreamdust'
'Purple Owl Witch'
'Along Came a Spider'
'Dancing with a Ghost Cat'
'Tea with Sir Oldybones'
'Go Away, Annoying Ghost!'
'Pumpkin Party Preparations'
'Andrew and the Ghosts'
'Diablo Moon'
'Twilight in Her Hands'
'Apple Magick'
'Voodoo Fae'
'Casket Girl'
'Sing For Mommy'
'Anastazia's New Pet'
'Warming the Sky'
'Alien Dollies'
'Faerie 9'
'Lisa & the Alien'
'Fresh October Morning'
'Love Bunny'
'Asleep in the Pumpkin Patch'
'Blue Cat in a Cemetery'
'Leaving Terra'
'She Crawls Through Your Java Sea'
'Mardi Gras Party'
'Amelia is a Very Peculiar Girl'
'Miss October'
'Voodoo Fae 2'
'A Peek Through the Portal'
'Prepare for Landing!'
'Koi Boi'
'On a Day as Sweet as Today'
'Fran & the Frogs'
'Silent Star 1'
'Pixie Incense'
'Cat in a Purple Hat'
'Love Me!!!'
'Kitty's Favourite Pumpkin'
'Ruby Red'
'Gloomy Morning'
'Mardi Gras Boy'
'My Spooky Valentine'
'Silky Ribbons'
"Little Gypsy Psychic'
'A Serious Bunny'
'Bleeding Heart Love Spell'
'It's Little Red Riding Hood'
'Pretty Bones'
'Red Gloves'
'Nymph with a Golden Horn'
'Slip of the Axe'
'In the Shadows'
'Leave Me Alone!'
'Marilyn's Magic 1'
'Marilyn's Magic 2'
'Moonlght & Merlot'
'The Rose Whisperer'
'You Found Us!'
'Keeping Warm'
'Mmmh, berrries!'
'Reading Ghost Stories in the Cemetery'
'Ghost by the Lantern'
'Lookin for Sumthin to Do'
'Eerie Little Mermaid'
'Gonna Voodoo You'
'Gonna Voodoo You II'
'Blessed Memoir'
'Grinning Girl b/w'
'Karyn's New Pet'
'Faerie 13'
'Moonkissed Frostflower'
'All Dolled Up'
'Monkey Magic'
'Little Starlit Mermaid'
'Marie Antoinette 3'
'Little Red 2'
'Samhain Spirit'
'Lonely Little Trick or Treater'
'Madame O's Ghost Lover'
'Walking in the Brisk Morning Air'
'Pumpkin on Head b/w'
'Victorian Madam Josie'
'Pumpkinhead Love'
'The Pumpkin Thief'
'What Cat? (Robert Smith)'
'Faerie Romance'
'Itty Bitty Bettie'
'Poetry for Lilacs'
'Samuel's Snail Ride to Savannah'
'Dancing in the Leaves'
'Music from the Treetops'
'Kooky Krazy Kitty Kat'
'Cat in a Red Hat'
'A Poet and Her Cat'
'Witchy Cats at Work'
'Peeved Lady Bee'
'Chamomile Faerie'
'True Love'
'Oh, My!'
'Opening the Ghost Book'
'Sulking Cemetery Cat'
'Sapphire Dream Forest'
'Floating Witch in Black'
'Floating Witch in Red'
'Floating Witch in Purple'
'Floating Witch of Spades'
'Floating Witch in Blue'
'Ripe Pianos'
'The Big Red Spellbook'
'The Writing Witch'
'Purring Pumpkinhead'
'Is It Halloween Yet?'
'Piano Bunnies'
'Miss Polly's October Garden'
'Tis the Season to Be Magick'
'Collecting Winter Berries'
'Time For a Wicky-Walk'
'Victorian Pumpkin Love'
'Secretly a Vampire'
'Mermaid's Garden'
'Marilyn Manson's Eternal Halloween'
'Marie Antoinette with Poppies'
'A Toast to Magic'
'Mopey Cemetery Cat'
'Rosey's New Boyfriend'
'Tired Little Mardi Gras Pixie'
'Halloween Bouquet'
'Witches Shopping Day'
'The St. John's Wort Witch'
'Silent Snowflake Flight'
'Tea For All!
'Almost Bedtime'
'Halloween Masquerade'
''The Blessed Thistle Witch'
'The Chamomile Witch'
'The Mallow Witch'
'The Wild Marjoram Witch'
'Close to the Edge'
'A Walk with Mundae'
'Pheobe in the Courtyard'
'Miss Polly's Monster'
'New Ghoul in Town'
'Raining Cherry Blossom Petals'
'Big Green Monster'
'Floating Witch in Orange'
'Clingy Cemetery Cat'
'Queen Bee'
'Rune Owl: Power'
'Rune Owl: Travel'
'Rune Owl: Protection'
'Rune Owl: Intuitive Knowledge'
'A Nervous Little Trick or Treater'
'Playful Snow White Cat'
'She Came from the Wildflowers'
'Witches in the Catacomb'
'Hillbilly Witches'
'Dragon Kisses'
'Siren & Fish'
'New Winter Attire'
'A Bunch of Strange Birds'

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