About the Artist

"The pool of my creativity is blended from all things real, fantastical, emotional, and spiritual, and it draws energy from everything around me. I never know when a new creation wants to be born, so I like to have a sketch book handy when I'm away from the drawing board."

Paulina's world is filled with magical creatures born of intuition and imagination. Having spent much of her time drawing from a young age, Paulina finds solace in creating and sharing her brew of whimsy. Her work has been collected worldwide for over 25 years.

Born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, she reflects, "my kind-hearted imaginary monster was perhaps not so imaginary afterall. I've been drawing ever since I can remember, and alternate worlds/dimensions have always been real and close by for me."

Paulina creates her work mainly using watercolour, ink, and watercolour pencils. "My first love is line art; working with shadow and light using intuitive, organic, fine lines. I like to combine my pen & ink work and watercolour layer by layer, and my technique varies from piece to piece."

A songwriter and Projekt Records artist, Paulina composes and produces music. "I've been writing songs on piano since I was a little girl; it was time to delve back into that audio flame. Sound and vision come from the same sea of creativity. You could say that my music is what my art sounds like."

Paulina and her husband Kevin live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with their two feline furbabies, Mortimer and Lilith. When she's not making pictures and music, Paulina partakes in bellydance and yoga.

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Card Decks:

'Witchlings Deck of Spells' (deck/book set, US Games Systems, 2014)

'The Faerie Guidance Oracle' (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2012)

'Joie de Vivre Tarot' (78-card deck, US Games Systems, 2011)

'Paulina Tarot' (78-card deck, US Games Systems, 2009)



'Sugar Wingshiver' (Projekt Records, 2014)

'Ice Iris' Holiday EP (Projekt Records, 2012)

'Ornamental' various artists (2-CD Projekt Holiday Collection, 2012)

'Lost in Oz' (Ulaluma Productions, 2012)

'Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak' (Ulaluma Productions, 2012)

'Time Traveler' (Ulaluma Productions, 2011)

'Bloodroots' (Ulaluma Productions debut release, 2010)



'Scary Little Faeries' chapbook written/illustrated by Paulina. Limited-edition. (2008)

'Lullabye & Latimer' chapbook written/illustrated by Paulina (2007)

'Countess Izabella' chapbook written/illustrated by Paulina. Limited-edition (2006)

'The Secret World of Faeries and Birds' chapbook written/illustrated by Paulina. Limited-edition (2006)

'Mundae' chapbook written/illustrated by Paulina. Limited-edition (2006)

'Ten Turtles on a Trampoline' written/illustrated by Paulina, small run; no longer available (1999)

'Chester's Cookies' small run; self-published, no longer available (1997)

'The Stew' written by Ray Jones, illustrated by Paulina. Award winner in Canada's Studio Magazine. Unavailable for sale (1991)



'Pixie Kin' 2011 (Paulina Cassidy wall calendar, published by Amber Lotus)

'Pixie Kin' 2010 (Paulina Cassidy wall calendar, published by Amber Lotus)

'Pixie Kin' 2009 (Paulina Cassidy wall calendar, published by Amber Lotus)

'Vampire Art Now' (various artists, 2011)

'The World of Faery' (various artists, 2005)

'The Art of Faery' (various artists, 2003)

Tori Amos RAINN wall calendar (various artists, 2003)

'Kate Bush - I segugi dell'amore' (Italina publication containing over 20 pen/ink illustrations by Paulina, 2004)

'Tori Amos - The Bee Sides' (Rare and collectible music book with over 20 illustrations by Paulina. Copies can still be found through Amazon. 1995)


Magazine/Early Publications:

TAPS Paramagazine illustrations (May/June/Sept/Oct 2010)

TAPS Paramagazine illustrations accompanying feature article (2009) -PDF download-

'Faerie Magazine' feature article (winter 2007)

'l'essentiel' magazine of Quebec,Ontario: feature article (issue 25, 2003)

'Canadian Wildlife' illustrations (1997-2000)

'Dogs in Canada' illustrations (1998-2002)

'Harrowsmith Country Life' illustrations (1998)

'Studio Magazine Annual Awards' (1991-1992)

Newspaper editorial cartoons (Halton Hills, Ontario 1986-1992)


Television Appearances:

'Shadow Hunter' Fairies episode (2005)

'Kidsworld' (Toronto, Ontario, 1980)


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