The term 'chapbook' originates from the Early Modern period in England, where peddlers called chapmen sold small books or pamphlets containing various types of writing by authors of the day.

Printed & bound in very small quantities, the limited-edition chapbooks below are individually signed & numbered (with the excepetion of Lullabye & Latimer, which is not a numbered release.)



The chapbooks are so much fun, and a delight to add to our collection. I especially loved Scary Little Faeries. Such memorable characters. Will be collecting them all!" - L.F., AU

I like then all but Lullabye and Latimer is my favorite so far. What fun!" - R.M., UK

"Mundae just arrived! What a fantastically menacing tale, it made me chuckle :)" - J.G., UK

"Countess Izabella is so likeable. Reading her story makes me want to know her personally." - A.M., CANADA

"I love the chapbook, I read it and couldn't stop laughing. Mundae is hilarious and when my grandson is old enough and his nerves have toughened up a bit I shall read it to him as a bedtime story." - P.D, UK

"Just wanted to say we received your book (Mundae) last week and it's wonderful! The story, honestly, creeped me out a bit! but i think that may have been your intention. :)"   - M.D, USA

"I received your book ('Mundae') in the mail yesterday. I read it last night. I loved the story line. Whimsical and scary all at the same time. Even made me laugh. Of course the illos accompanying the text was fantastic." - C.D.M, USA

"I wanted to thank you for my copy of the chapbook 'Mundae'. It was a very amusing tale, loved the artwork in it too." - D.W., USA

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