'Siren with Shells and Vines'

original etching, hand-tinted, limited edition of 31, matted to 8x10": $40

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Image size: 4x6" (paper size larger)

Matted to 8x10" (white archival mat)

Created on heavyweight etching paper using intaglio ink. Each original print in the edition is signed, titled, dated, and numbered. This etching has been hand-tinted by the artist using watercolours.

31 prints along with a small number of artist proofs are printed from this plate.

Etching is a process of incising an image onto a metal plate, known as an intaglio process. It is one of the original forms of printmaking dating back to the fourteenth century.

This etching was drawn onto a copper plate (drypoint technique) and printed on a manual press. The artist inks and hand-pulls each original etching in a small limited edition. The process is repeated for each individual print. Due to the handmade nature of printmaking, the result is that each print is slightly different and one-of-a-kind, hence the term 'original print.'

Shipped in a clear bag with protective backing, along with a description of the etching process.

Artist proofs are available upon request.

Paulina Cassidy's Restless Moon Gallery