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Keywords: Change, revolution, cycles, movement, fortune.

Juggling the moon cycles, Orbit is the spirit of constant change, infinitely setting a new tempo in life’s heartbeat as he shifts forward from season to season. Perpetually in motion and always evolving, Orbit's wheel of eternity never stops turning. A pair of cuckoo-clock birds, Time and Space, fly counter-clockwise around him, monitoring actions and reactions.

Everything is in motion and in a state of constant change, and your actions have a direct correlation to what happens in the future. Seek and recognize the cycles and patterns of life, for every turning point effects a personal transformation in circumstance and perspective. In the midst of unstoppable change, opportunities will present themselves for a limited time -- take action in that moment so as not to lose out on lucky chances that spin your way. You are the creator of your own luck, and follower of your own destiny.

Reversed: Missing opportunities. Resisting change. A bad run of luck.

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