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Keywords: Truth, balance, fairness, equality, harmony.

The dependable Lady Justice stands for a true balance of the conscious and the subconscious mind. She is in harmony with the balance between cause and effect. Weighing all sides with fairness and full awareness, Lady Justice stands for what is right and determines the best course of action with care. Her furry green companion, Creed, stays by her side, displaying before her a golden set of balanced scales.

A choice must be made in order for you to take a new direction in life. As all decisions influence the course of fate, give careful consideration by exploring different points of view. When examining choices, find a balance between your conscience and inner desires. By remaining honest in your actions and acting with integrity, fate will turn in your favor. With greater balance within, you create more happiness in your life.

Reversed: Dishonesty. Setbacks. Abuse of power.

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