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Keywords: Rejuvenation, harmony, faith, enlightenment, wisdom.

Filled with glittering faith,Vega meditates on the star of serenity. She's grateful for her increasing sense of fulfillment as she makes continual progress toward her goals. Vega renews both the subconscious and the material world with her pitchers of water, one holding the sun's energy and the other holding the moon's energy. The ladybug, a symbol of trust, whispers messages of happiness in her ear.

Hope emerges from the darkness, illuminating your path of enlightenment like a star. Your journey dawns light on the universe within, and your inspired heart increases your intuitive abilities. Follow the light of the star, for it will lead you back to the right path. Have faith in your inner-divinity and in the powers of universal spirit.

Reversed: Discouragement. Dwelling on negativity. Poor choices.

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