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Keywords: Fulfillment, achievement, enrichment, reward, unity.

Vitality, a winged mer-lion, guards a flourishing sphere, a spiritual manifestation of the world. He protects and nurtures the sphere, for it is a direct link to the world's dynamic harmony and powerful abundance. A rabbit named Unity lives inside the sphere, dispersing the spirit of joy and happiness to all.

The world brings a feeling of accomplishment and realization as everything is coming to fruition. From a successfully completed cycle evolves a fantastic new beginning with new exciting challenges. Positive efforts are rewarded with progress for yourself and for those around you. By envisioning just how everything around you is interconnected, your very spirit is energized with a sense of fulfillment, and is balanced with a knowingness that things are as they should be.

Reversed: Carelessness in planning. Lack of enthusiasm.

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