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Keywords: Epiphany, ideas, regroup, contemplation, perspective.

Lost in gloom while gazing into a reflecting pool, Melancholique doesn't yet notice the cups-of-opportunity hovering behind him. He doesn't yet notice friends who are making attempts at communication. With his hands over his heart, Melancholique awakens to realization. It is time for him to look outside the box. His inner-divinity -- his true self -- is ever-present, and this can be depended upon for bringing forth his fullest potential.

When feelings of melancholy take over because of an overall discontentment, reevaluate your situation. Open yourself up to your inner-divinity, and fully embrace the endless abundance that flows naturally. The only limiting factor to your progress is you. Now is the time to focus on allowing your true self to emerge.

Reversed: Requiring constant reassurance. Unappreciative of blessings. Self-deprecation.

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