The 78 cards are each dedicated to an animal guide who emulates the characteristics of its chosen card. Connected to the portals of higher worlds, the 78 Spiritsong animals are mentors of divine guidance. Bearing their own Shamanic medicines, they’re forever open to providing their energy when called upon. They’re always available to you and for you, to help you attain your greatest potential, and to provide guidance needed to assist you in finding the best remedy for any situation. The Spiritsong animals are a reflection of the true inner self, and offer their courage as you endeavor to meet your goals. With the 78 Spiritsong animals by your side, you are boldly empowered to open new doorways of knowledge that can lead toward the realization of your greatest spiritual power.

This deck will be published and distributed worldwide through US Games Inc in 2017. The designs are available individually as matted/signed prints.


ACORNS: Acorns symbolize growth, strength, and unlimited potential. Acorns are used in place of the traditional wands and are tied to the energy of motivation and inspiration. Element: fire.

FEATHERS: Feathers symbolize power, freedom, and celestial wisdom. Feathers are used in place of the traditional swords and are tied to the energy of ideas and influence. Element: air.

SHELLS: (Sea)shells symbolize harmony, peace, and fertility. Shells are used in place of the traditional cups and are tied to the energy of emotions and imagination. Element: water.

CRYSTALS: (Quartz) crystals symbolize manifestation, clarity, and abundance. Crystals are used in place of the traditional pentacles/coins and are tied to the energy of livelihood and materialism. Element: earth.



The Spiritsong images by Paulina Cassidy are available as matted/signed giclee prints. They are matted to 8x10" and are individually signed (with signature on the mat).

Created with the finest quality archival paper and inks. The giclee reproduction process provides true colour accuracy.

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SPIRITSONG matted/signed print: $12
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