Four of Acorns: Walrus

The persevering Walrus settles comfortably into his environment, enjoying the results of his hard work. He’s established a sense of order and security in his life, and celebrates personal achievement as he moves into a new phase of life. Walrus is a warden of harmonious home and work relationships. He sees beauty in everyone, and recognizes the importance of community spirit. Your hard work is paying off, and it’s time for a much deserved break after all the effort placed into a venture. You are surrounded by joy and love; allow this collective optimism to center you spiritually. Aspire to help those who have supported you along the way by sharing the fruits of your labors. You are moving successfully into your new direction, and all is working out as planned. Henceforth, with achievement comes the spark of new ideas.

KEYWORDS: Celebration, harmony, comfort, community, stability, relaxation, prosperity, achievement.

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