Five of Acorns: Leopard

Graceful Leopard is a problem-solver, and utilizes her shapeshifting abilities to enhance her personal power. She’s here to help you shift into your own innate power so that you may hunt your goals with passion, and fight for what you believe in. In the midst of conflict, do not allow opposition to keep you from moving ahead in your endeavor. By the same token, be open to the perspectives of others, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to clarify a situation. With challenge comes spiritual growth. As you weather the storm, set your attention on new strategies, and seek deeper clarity and truth. Trust in yourself, and defend your belief structures. Contend with the matter in the spirit of action, and in the knowingness that challenges will be overcome. Keep you eyes open for exciting new opportunities.

KEYWORDS: Challenge, growth, conflict, brainstorming, adrenaline, tension, opposing energies.

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