Seven of Acorns: Badger

Fearless Badger stands up for his values, and he never settles for less that what he knows he deserves. His manner of leadership drives him to stand up to opposition without backing down. Badger will help you seize the energy of determination to meet any challenges you’re facing. In turn, your leadership abilities will begin to break through. Be prepared to defend your principles, and do so with faith in your courage. Even if it feels that the odds are against you, take a stand; your inner-strength will keep you on higher ground. By facing fears, you grow stronger. Let nothing stand in your way. When dealing with conflicts within, be prepared for a spiritual metamorphosis by challenging anything about yourself that you’d like to improve. Certitude within yourself will steadily lead you forward to a bright future.

KEYWORDS: Determination, stamina, challenge, inner-strength, holding your own, principles.

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